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Diving into EUROPE

MEDMEP is a non-partisan EU youth leadership programme for students

from Albania, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey


MEP raises deep awareness on the meaning of peace and European identity, developing an ever-increasing sense of belonging to the EU and active participation in its development


MEP allows participants to get in touch with a diverse range of political and cultural backgrounds, and understand the foundational values of diversity, pluralism, active tolerance and respect


MEP strengthens EU key competences for lifelong learning, such as communication in foreign language, learning how to learn, social and civic skills.

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The Model European Parliament (MEP) is a non-partisan leadership programme for youths in EU member states, candidate and applicant countries. MEP was born in 1994 with a secretariat in The Hague, Netherlands, in the inspiring care of Anna and Leopold van Sminia. Since 2014, the MEP programme is coordinated by MEP Europe, a European wide network of schools and partners coordinated by an association based in Madrid and governed though a multi-national board.

The MEP Mediterranean Region is only one of four MEP Euroregions together with MEP Baltic Sea Region, MEP Western European Region, MEP Central and South Eastern European Region. The MED MEP region is coordinated by MEP Italia.

  • educate about European integration and cooperation
  • stimulate interest for contemporary political, social and economic issues
  • promote Europe’s cultural diversity
  • build skills in addressing high level international issues

The “Euromediterranean Youth Conference” was the very first Mediterranean MEP session. Held in Naples in 2003, the event was organised by MEP Italia to foster dialogue on the most relevant issues of the region. Besides European countries, the session witnessed the exceptional participation of Egypt, Israel, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey. 

Our next session

zagreb, croatia

Zagreb, Croatia, will proudly host the next Mediterranean Regional Session from Thursday 24th to Tuesday 29th September 2020


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Athens 2018

The second MEDMEP Session was held in Athens, Greece

Naples 2017

The first MEDMEP Session was held in Naples, Italy