Welcome Note by the Presidency of MED MEP Nicosia 2019


The presidency of the 3rd session of the Mediterranean Model European Parliament warmly welcomes you to Nicosia and the MEP family. We are delighted and indeed honoured by your eagerness to participate in MED MEP Nicosia 2019.

MED MEP brings young people from Europe together to collaborate and debate on solutions on burning issues that rattle the European community, especially the Mediterranean region.  During the session you will have the opportunity to discuss major issues threatening European stability and prosperity. You will be called upon to engage in fruitful debates in order to produce constructive and efficient solutions to tackle these issues. This is of the upmost importance since the future of Europe depends on its youth.

This year’s MED MEP session focuses on Blue Growth and Economy, the Qualified Workforce Migration, the EU’s Energy Autonomy, the Migrant Crisis and Euroscepticism which all  geopartise  the Union’s solidity as a whole. For the first time the Cyprus Problem is also on the table since your presence in the country where human rights have been violated since 1974 demands an in-depth fair exploration of the issue. Consequently, MED MEP Nicosia 2019 becomes the ground on which your research and critical thinking will be positively combined while collaborating, debating and attempting to resolve these major challenges.

Thus, the presidency is looking forward to facilitating your valuable contribution in the 3rdsession of the Mediterranean  Model European Parliament. We sincerely hope you enjoy this session and return home with knowledge, experiences and friendships that will accompany you for the rest of your life.


The President,

Panayiotis Georgiou